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The "Ratatouille Effect" from Music?

This is the first blog that I have ever really tried to write, I am 100% unsure how this will resonate with our readers, but it was a topic that hit me a few months ago that really impacted my overall thought process about music (in a incredible way).

I was drinking with a buddy one Saturday evening in my home studio (this is usually where my friends and I hang out), and I remember this night vividly. I had just received my Yamaha HS8s (super awesome studio monitors), and it was time to test them out. What better way to get your monitors "broken in" than to listen to some good jams and drink some good beers?

I realized that with every song that we listened to on Spotify there were memories and feelings, joy, hate, disgust, love, pain etc. Every song that played had a story behind it, made me feel a certain way, and literally brought me back in time like the scene in the kids Ratatouille movie when buddy tries the food, and immediately was "wooshed" back in time, remembering his childhood, remembering how it felt when he fell on his bike and scraped his knee. Music hits me like that.

Maybe this is a form of musical autism, or a form of photographic memory but like song-a-graphic memory, who knows, but is for sure a very powerful thing that I am sure doesn't just happen to me.

This is the first post of probably around 39 overall blog posts. This will cover the most impactful songs that I have heard, lived and breathed over the last approx. 39 years of my life. Now clearly, the crap I was listening too before I was like six or seven years old will probably not be in here. I am sure no one cares about Sesame Street and songs like "I love being a pig", or how amazing the letter "F" is. Let's skip those and leave them in the backup folder (laughing out loud while writing this).

We will start this rollercoaster journey around 1987, BUT in the next blog post.

Let us know what songs or bands have been super influential in your lives, let us know if you have the same relationship to music as I do. Let's see what this blog post "stirs up"!

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